Mac Powerbook

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Having decided to buy a powerbook in Jan 2005. I waited for the much anticipated powerbook update. Each passing day was an agonizing wait. My patience finally paid off when the update was announced on Feb 1, 2005. I placed my order for a new Powerbook 15”. This being my first purchase experience with Apple i was naive to believe that i will soon have my powerbook after all the lead time indicated was 3-5 days. Little did i realize that in the part of the world where my powerbook was being manufactured that it was time to ring in the new year. Yes the chinese new year was in early Feb and i noticed that my order was not showing any signs of progress. Finally my order was ready to be shipped on Feb 10th, 2005. Then as fate would have it there was apparently no place on the plane that day for my powerbook it was booked on the next flight on Feb 17th 2005, damn K&N. I was then literally tracking my package from Shanghai to Luxembourg to Netherlands and finally on Feb 21, 2005, 3 weeks after my order my powerbook finally arrived. I was at work having left strict instructions to Mekal to never leave home. Seeing my agonizing wait Mekal was only too eager to get this over with and i got a call announcing that my powerbook was at home.


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