Harry Potter HBP

1 minute read

This morning i joined along with the numerous fans around to get a copy of the latest book. The only item to note is that it was not for me but for Mekal. Though the intention was to be up early and rush of to the book store Mekal got up even early and her lack of sleep forced me to get up too. After a light breakfast (in fact i count my self lucky to even have break fast today) off we went to Fnac to get our copy of HBP. The person at the entrance politely reminded us that the store was open only for Harry Potter sales which of course was the reason we were there. The purchase experience was actually an anti-climax, having expected a huge crowd at the store we noticed only one person in front of us. In fact Mekal had a HBP to call her own in under a minute.

The return back home was interesting though, while usually during any of our shopping trips i get to be chivalrous and carry most of the bags home this time though i was stripped of that privilege. Mekal would not even let me look to the synopsis. After a quick walk home with no hesitation i got that “Please can i read this book with absolutely no interruptions” look from Mekal. Of course i conceded like i had any other choice. The last i checked she had completed five chapters.