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It’s been about a month since i bought my iPod. It has changed my digital lifestyle quite a bit. It did take a while to get used to but after initial hours it has now been an indispensable gadget which i use in most amazing of ways. From listening to music and carrying my photos, i even use it to keep a copy of shopping lists.

Of late i also began listening to some podcasts and i now even find my iPod an integral part of my digital lifestyle. Initially i was very skeptical on podcasts but very quickly i realized that i can now listen to so many individual broadcasters (podcasters) who generate quite a lot of relevant and interesting content for free. The choice is indeed spectacular from amateur to very professional and thought provoking content and even lessons.

Indeed i feel this is an another facet of freedom of speech. I see both podcasting and blogs usher in a new age of digital democracy that knows no known boundaries.