Mekal B’Day 2004

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November rang in birthday celebrations again, this time for Mekal. After a black out of about a month with no ideas on what to do and organise, I managed to pull off a private surprise to the delight of Mekal. In fact I was surprised that even I could amazingly think of some thing ingenious. How did this come about I still don’t know. Mekal had a hard time understanding how I could pull this off when I so heavily depend on her when it comes to gifts, let alone organising an event. In the end Mekal was astonished and happy and that was all that mattered. She did receive quite some presents from a trip to all the local jewellery stores, retail outlets the weekend before the big day. I did take extra caution to keep myself free from work.

Even lady luck smiled on me on that day, when all I wanted to do was come home early, thinking that it will be a gift in itself… But then Mekal was away and I even was able to organise a candle lit snack. My culinary skills have faded long since our wedding, so I did not want to push my luck too far. Finally, came the big surprise gift on the birthday. You want to see what it was check out the photographs.

The birthday wishes did come. Mama and Athai were the first. I.raj and Dharani (probably guessing this) wished Mekal the afternoon before.

Finally we had dinner at a local Wok restaurant. Photographs of the occasion can be found here